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About Triguna Mandala

PT Triguna Mandala is a private company established in Jakarta since February 2007. We have started the business serving our market segment mainly to Oil & Gas and Chemical Industries in Indonesia. With the objectives of “Striving Beyond Expectation” to serve our customer with Solution to their Industrial problems. We have established offices in Jakarta, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Bontang and Pekanbaru.

With the expansion of the company, we have extended our product offering to cover mechanical and electrical products & services. The market segment has also extended to Energy and Mining. In order to enhance services to our customers, we have ISO9001 and OHSAS 18001 implemented in the company.

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Dear Our Valued Customers and Partners,

Today, May 3rd ,2013 is going to be a very important date for us, PT Triguna Mandala where we are occupying our new premises at :

Jl. Jembatan Besi No. 33

Komplek Season City Blok A1/2

Telp.: (021) 29569801 & 29569802

Fax. : (021) 29569845

We are grateful to all our customers, our Partners and our employees for their relentless efforts and supports since we have started this company in February 2007. We cannot be where we are right now without their supports and hard works throughout the years.

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